Brookvale Union Vodka Passionfruit Can 330ml 6pk 6 * 330ml

$31.00 each


Brookvale Union Vodka Passionfruit is a flavored vodka beverage that combines the smoothness of vodka with the tropical sweetness of passionfruit. It offers a refreshing and vibrant taste profile, with the distinct tropical notes of passionfruit shining through. The vodka base provides a clean and crisp backdrop for the fruit flavors to take center stage. As for the country of origin, Brookvale Union is an Australian brand, and their products are made in Australia. The brand is known for its range of craft beverages, including alcoholic ginger beer, cider, and flavored vodka drinks. It focuses on creating unique and flavorful combinations that appeal to modern taste preferences.

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Alcohol By Volume 5%

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